Towering Inferno Memorabilia Archive


Main collection:

American Cinematographer, February 1975 issue

Movie Poster

Production Book



Soundtrack Insert (booklet that came with the vinyl LP format)

Excerpts from the Great Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Movie Memorabilia Book, Volume One

Mad Magazine, September 1975 issue

The Tower book

Interesting tidbits from the second revision screenplay

The Making of the Towering Inferno video (wmv, 37mb)

The Joseph Musso Collection

Tower Photos

Blueprint Collection (partial)

Complete set of movie storyboards

Cast and Crew List

Cast & Crew Party

Misc Photos

1973 Christmas Card (drawn by Joe)

Excerpts from Scott Crabbe's collection:

Enhanced Tower Photos

Original Tower Photos


B&W Promenade Photos

Japanese Building Comparison

Misc Photos

External Links

Towering Inferno Archive (Arjen van der Lely's website)

Irwin Allen News Network

Glass Tower model for Sim City 4

Glass Tower model in SkyscraperSim (I made this)



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